Family Medicine Centers of South Carolina

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Family Medicine Centers is proud to announce the results of our most recent Patient Opinion Survey. Our most recent survey results from a random sampling of 1,742 patients at our offices:

  1. Would you recommend our Practice to others?
    • Yes = 98%
    • No= 2%
  2. Your overall satisfaction with our Practice?
    • Very Good or Excellent = 90%
    • Fair or Poor = 1%
  3. Your overall satisfaction with our Providers?
    • Very Good or Excellent = 90%
    • Fair or Poor = 1%
  4. Your overall satisfaction with our staff?
    • Very Good or Excellent = 87%
    • Fair or Poor = 2%

As the largest Family Practice provider in Columbia, we offer your entire family access to a practice with 37 years of experience and five offices in the Midlands. Our physicians are all Board Certified in Family Practice or other specialties, and are qualified to manage a broad range of clinical problems.

We make every effort to evaluate and treat patients efficiently in the office rather than through expensive hospitals, emergency rooms, and specialists. Most medical services are less costly at a Family Doctor's office than elsewhere, and patients need sound guidance on when and how to use other health care providers. We offer a broad variety of services from Sleep Medicine to Stress Testing to Bone Density Scans.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver outstanding medical service as your personal physician, who has come to know you and your family through years of caring.